Winner, 2012 S. Edmund Berger Prize for Excellence in Scientific and Technical Translation

Amy is an outstanding Russian>English translator/editor. A true expert in Russian language and culture, Amy produces brilliant translations of highly nuanced and technical material. Known for her professional integrity and extensive science background, Amy is highly regarded by her colleagues and is frequently asked for help or advice. I strongly recommend Amy for any Rus>Eng translation assignment or project.

—Olya Perevalova Cohen, Ampere Consulting (USA)

Finding Amy was a real stroke of luck. Having a large volume of urgent and highly technical Russian texts to translate for a big client, I was in need of quality and trustworthy collaborators. Amy was a real saviour, taking on significant volumes without complaint and delivering an outstanding quality of work – all within the very exacting deadlines – and remaining cheery, communicative and personable throughout. I would not hesitate to recommend her work.

—Daniel Smith, Wessex Translations (UK)

Amy quickly translated a scientific paper and the quality was excellent. She also provided timely feedback and it was easy to communicate with her. Thank you.

—John Guzowski, Biogen Idec

Exceptionally good, reliable, thoughtful and thorough language professional. Thank you very much, Amy!

—Valerij Tomarenko, Tomarenko Fachübersetzungen + DTP (Germany)

Amy worked for me on technical (chemistry) reports from Russian to English. She is very professional and accurate in her work. Great quality and great communication. I do recommend her.

—Renaud Carbonnel, Solten France sarl

Amy has worked on several of our projects. We enjoy working with her and hope to do so a lot more in the future!

—Jess Adams, Global Lingo Ltd. (UK)

 Thank you Amy for your professional work!

—Roland Racz, Business Team Translations Ltd. (UK)

Great translation, managed a particularly tricky text, delivered great quality and on time.

—Didier Melin, European Translation Network (Belgium)


Amy is very professional: she provided us with a very high quality translation on time. We would be more than happy to work with her in the future!

—Sharon Goldfeld, Tomedes (USA/Israel)

We are very happy with Amy’s work. Will definitely work with Amy in the future.

—Constantin Sharypkin, VediA Translations (Canada)

Amy is a dream to work with. Excellent top-notch quality work, on-time, professional and pleasant. We look forward to working with her for a long time to come.

—Bianca Clark, Clark Translations (USA)

Amy is an excellent translator into English. She is fast, accurate and we can always count on her. I am glad we have her on our team!

—Oksana Haby, MasterWord Services (USA)

I am a native speaker of Russian who holds a PhD in comparative linguistics. I worked as a Russian-English-French translator in my young days and have been teaching at the college level for twenty-four years. From the first day I met Amy in 1997, she has been a willing partner in every academic endeavor, quick to volunteer, eager to learn, generous with her time and energy, and out-and-out fun to work with. Amy is one of those rare people who manifests the energy of a relentless workaholic, produces profoundly excellent results in all she undertakes, and still manages to be a sane, sensible, warm, and all-around wonderful human being. Amy does what she loves and she absolutely loves what she does. This is such a rare and ideal combination.

Irina Ivliyeva, Missouri University of Science and Technology