Fields of Expertise


My education started with science: I earned a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry (summa cum laude) in 1999. I have translated scholarly journal articles on chemistry, biology, and mathematics. I’ve also translated texts on applied science, such as fungicide test reports and descriptions of polymer films for photovoltaic cells.

When I tell people I have degrees in Russian and Chemistry, they sometimes joke, “Wow, TWO foreign languages!” It’s true: scientific language and style are different from everyday language, and only someone with my education and experience can provide quality translations for scholarly texts.


In recent years, my focus has shifted more and more toward the pharmaceutical industry. I have translated laboratory test reports, preclinical studies, and doctor- and patient-facing texts. For clinical trials, I have translated regulatory submissions and meeting minutes, informed consent forms, investigator’s brochures, subject information sheets, and serious adverse event reports. My translations also include a medical doctoral dissertation on obstetrics, medical journal articles on cardiology, and literature reviews of clinical trials.

  Oil and Gas

I spent over three years as a full time in-house translator at a Fortune 500 engineering company, supporting their Russian oil and gas projects. Whether your text is related to the engineering, procurement, or legal aspects of your project, I can translate it using clear, industry-specific language.

I have translated all texts related to oil and gas EPCM projects:

  • terms of reference
  • technical specifications
  • project specific design codes
  • instruction manuals
  • inspection reports
  • test procedures
  • work plans
  • design calculations
  • contracts
  • procurement documents
  • government regulations


During the year I spent as an in-house translator in Moscow, I was fortunate enough to work with a Russian lawyer who specialized in legal translation. I attended a training on Russian to English legal translation, and benefited from close collaboration and extensive peer review under my mentor. I can accurately translate contracts, powers of attorney, and corporate constituent documents.